Oshkosh mini mural project expected to add color downtown

Oshkosh mini mural project expected to add color downtown

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY)- Starting Saturday morning you might notice a lot more public art on display throughout downtown Oshkosh.

It’s part of a mini mural project and the designs went up on Friday.

Each design is unique and organizers say the project is the city’s first outdoor art display featuring 20 designs, in different locations each done by someone who either is, or once was a resident.

Organizer Joshua Marquardt of Art City Wraps said, “We have probably a handful of water colors, there’s some paintings, we have some sketches of characters and so on, pretty much all of it is fairly professional.”

The entire gallery is being installed in one day and the 20 sites will be lit like movie scenes, so that they’re very visible even at night.

Each business donated the wall space.

One artist goes by the name of “Booras,” and says his design is based on a dream he had.

He said,”I use to keep a sketch diary of my dreams, so I said, one day I will do a painting so it came up in my folder of artwork to do and I said, I’m going to do that. Many, many hours, hundreds of hours, but there’s over 150 cats just in a room, partying.”

On top of being able to showcase, local artistic talent many of the neighborhoods are expected to benefit from the project.

“Booras,” added,”To tell you the truth, the corner I’m at is decrepit. It’s really run down and has some terrible urban blight buildings abandoned storefronts and maybe the landlords will look at it and say hey, those wall look good, maybe I should fix my windows.”

However, organizers say it’s also about raising awareness that the city does have an arts scene.

Marquardt said, “We have a thick arts community, we’re open to creative ideas and there’s a lot of interesting folks here that are trying to have dialogue and do creative things.”

The mini mural is expected to remain up three years.

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