On the question of justice, former NBA star Stephen Jackson says ‘we’ve never had it’

On the question of justice, former NBA star Stephen Jackson says 'we've never had it'

The 42-year-old Jackson, who has become a leading figure during protests in the US against police brutality and racism, traveled to Minnesota following Floyd’s death to give his deceased friend a voice and offer support to Floyd’s family, including his six-year-old daughter, Gianna.
“Good question,” Jackson said when he was asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo what he thought was justice. “We never had it so I can’t answer it. It can start by those guys going to jail. A lot of people have asked me what is justice?

“I can’t answer it because we haven’t got it. Anybody know the answer please tell me because I sure don’t know.”

Derek Chauvin, the officer seen kneeling on 46-year-old George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes after an arrest on May 25, was charged on Friday with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in Floyd’s death.
The three other officers on the scene have not been charged, despite the family’s and protesters’ wishes. All four were fired last week.

Cuomo followed up on the question of justice by asking if all four officers should go to jail. Jackson replied: “By far. Not even close.”

Jackson speaks at a press conference with Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd's daughter Gianna.

A father figure

Jackson and Floyd often called each other “twin” due to their similar physical appearance.

With Floyd’s death leaving a void in his family, Jackson promised to step up, telling Gianna that he would “walk her down the aisle.”

The 14-season NBA veteran described Floyd as a “protector and provider for everybody.”

“He was one of those guys that wanted to be the guy to make sure everybody was straight,” the 2003 NBA champion said on Cuomo Prime Time. “A lot of times when you grow up in the neighborhoods we grow up in, a lot of neighborhoods have different beefs and don’t get along.

“George could be from one side but the only guy from this side to go to the other side and make everybody get along. He was a peacemaker and lover and just a protector.

“What I will miss most about him, as an athlete, you come across a lot of people that support you and around you for the wrong reasons. Floyd was one friend that never abused our friendship. It was genuine.”

Jackson speaks at a protest in response to the killing of Floyd  outside the Hennepin County Government Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
While Tuesday’s protests were comparatively calmer than on previous days, a number of violent confrontations between police and protesters occurred in several major cities.
Jackson thinks the protests have broadly been a success, but that Floyd wouldn’t have supported the looting and violence.

“The protests have been great and people are following me and looking for advice going forward,” Jackson explained. “I love being in this position. But the looting and all that stuff, Floyd wasn’t about that.

“He wouldn’t support that at all. He would love everybody screaming his name and away in Iran and the Netherlands and all that stuff, he appreciates all of that.

“We don’t want the work we’ve done to get the noise and light on his situation taken away from us by a group of people who don’t understand our same fight and same pain and we can’t let them take away from that.”

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