Manchester: Street sealed off after man took ‘ricin’ | UK News

Moor Street was cordoned off

A street in south Manchester was sealed off after a man consumed an “unknown substance” believed to be ricin.

Firefighters wearing hazmat suits were seen at Moor Lane, Northern Moor, Wythenshawe on Saturday as police sealed off the streets.

A man in his 20s was treated at the scene initially and remains in a stable condition, according to police.

A spokesman for GMP said: “It was established that the man had consumed an, at this time, unknown substance.”

It is understood the man had ingested poisonous seeds.

Police said there was no wider threat to the public.

A witness told PA: “His mother came out shouting in her pyjamas ‘where are they? My f****** son is dying in there. Where the f*** is the ambulance?

“The fire service entered first with those bio and hazmat suits on and pushed a gurney into the house.”

North Wet Ambulance Service said they took one person to hospital.

A cordon was put in place around Moor Lane which was closed to traffic.

A GMP spokesman said in a statement: “Police were called by the ambulance service shortly before 9am this morning to a report of concern for the welfare of a man at a property on Moor Lane, Northern Moor.”

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